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Canterbury ElderCollege is not only designed to keep your mind active and healthy but, as importantly, it also offers some wonderful ways for you to become involved in your community. Our program thrives because of our amazing and dedicated volunteers and you can join the fun! The best part of being an ElderCollege volunteers is that you decide what level of involvement best suits their lifestyle. We offer four very enjoyable volunteer opportunities designed to fit into anyone’s schedule.

Volunteer Positions


An Instructor is someone who is extremely interested in a subject or has an expertise they would like to tell others about. No teaching experience is necessary. All that is required is a desire to express your passion and/or experiences with your peers. Most importantly, Instructors have the flexibility to design their course in the way that works best for them. Our only requirement is that a session be at least two hours long and no longer than 6 sessions/weeks. Other than that, Instructors choose where they want to teach, how many sessions and which date(s) and time suits them. We also ensure you have all the classroom equipment you may require for presentation. We are here to help you in every way we can.

Course Manager

Our Course Managers plays an important role by helping to ensure that our courses run smoothly. You help on the day of the class with: signing in participants, introducing the instructor, distributing course materials and handing out and collecting feedback forms. Essentially, helping the Instructor with whatever they need. And the best part is, Course Managers get to take the course they manage for free!.

Equipment Manger

This, our newest volunteers position, is in addition to the Course Manager (not instead of!). and the Equipment Manager will also get to take the course they are assigned to for free! Our staff will coordinate a one-one-one instructional session with you based on what equipment the course requires showing you how to set it up and how to use it. You will then be required to bring the equipment the day of the course and get it set-up for the Instructor. After you will pack up the equipment and return it to the place you picked it up at.

Curriculum Committee Member

Another option is to join one of our Curriculum Committees. As a part of this committee, you help find instructors to give courses. This role involves overseeing and organizing courses for a specified area. We have three committees to choose from: Windsor/LaSalle/Lakeshore – Southeast Essex County – Chatham-Kent. Curriculum Committees have only a few meetings a year to plan for the Fall and Spring semesters. Members mostly work independently and in conjunction with the Curriculum Committee Chair Person.

We rely on your support

ElderCollege could not exist without volunteers, donations, and in-kind support. Learn more about how you can help keep education moving forward.

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