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Why are Dolphins so Smart
Through history people have been fascinated with dolphins because of their apparent intelligence, curiosity, and social lives. Only in the past few decades have we been able to study dolphins and their whale relatives to dive deeper into their minds. What the scientific study of dolphins and whales tells us is that these marine mammals are not only intelligent but highly communicative and self-aware. Their brains (from studies of deceased individuals) are highly elaborated and complex. In this course we will explore what we know about dolphin and whale intelligence, comparing how they are different from us in some ways and surprisingly similar in others. Class Size: Max. 95

Instructor: Lori Marino
BIO NOTE: Lori is a neuroscientist and expert in animal intelligence who was on the faculty of Emory University for twenty years. She is currently the President of the Whale Sanctuary Project ( and has published over 140 scientific papers, articles, and book chapters on intelligence, self-awareness, cognition, brain evolution, and the ethics of captivity in dolphins and whales, elephants, primates, and farmed animals.

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  • Lori Marino

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