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Rascals in the South Seas
The ‘South Seas’ is an exotic location viewed as an earthly ‘Garden of Eden’ ever since the first Europeans ‘discovered,’ explored, and appreciated this golden-weather, tropical area with its sun-flooded beaches, palm trees, and free-spirited inhabitants. Over the years, while many visitors to these exotic lands enjoyed their charms in a responsible manner, others succumbed to their sensuous temptations and behaved badly. The first part of this course covers mostly the latter group, featuring the South Seas adventures and misadventures of the “H.M.S. Bounty” mutineers, nineteenth-century authors Herman Melville and Robert Louis Stevenson, French artist Paul Gauguin, autobiographical travel author Robert Dean Frisbee, and a future movie star by the name of Errol Flynn. Then, after the break, join Cris Kohl as he recounts a few months during a mid-life crisis spent bouncing around the South Seas — specifically Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, and Tahiti — to see what the excitement is all about. Did these exotic locales live up to their legendary reputations, or has the modern era destroyed them? Did he have adventures — or misadventures? Did he behave responsibly — or badly? You decide and enjoy the fun! Class Size: Max. 95

Instructor: Cris Kohl
BIO NOTE: Cris is a prize-winning land and underwater photographer who has written ten books, and co-authored another seven with his wife, on maritime history — mostly about shipwrecks. Shoestring travel has been an enjoyable lifelong activity for him.

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  • Cris Kohl

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