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History of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN)
History of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). The history of Canada’s naval forces mirrors Canadian history in that it reflects the results of national leadership challenges during times of international crisis, as well as the demands of peacetime domestic agendas. The course will describe the unique challenges faced by Canada in establishing and maintaining affordable maritime security forces throughout the tumultuous events that defined the entire 20th and early 21st Centuries, including a change in hegemons. Using warships as an illustrative vehicle, the course will follow the metamorphous of a struggling sub-set of the British Imperial fleet that would become a modern professional blue-water navy. However, today’s RCN has come at a price, as throughout its 110-year history Canada’s navy has continually struggled to keep up quantitively with the expectations of key Allies and alliances. Often operating under exceptionally demanding resource restraints, both personnel and fiscal, Canada’s naval forces continue to persevere despite capricious national support. The course will cover: • Creation of the RCN into the First World War • The interwar years and the formation of the Naval Reserve • The Second World War and the Battle of the Atlantic • Post Second World War RCN up to the 1960s – including The Cold War (Korea) • Integration & Unification - the shift to the Canadian Armed Forces • Cold War until 1989 • Post-Cold War to 9/11 • Post 9/11 to present. Class Size: Max. 95

Instructor: Captain Norman Jolin, OMM, MSM, CD RCN (Retired)
BIO NOTE: Norman joined the Canadian Navy in 1976, serving at sea for the majority of his career in both ships and submarines, highlighted by the command of the Halifax-class frigate HMCS Montréal. Later appointments were mainly outside Canada in support of NATO and defence diplomacy as a Naval and Military Attaché. Retiring from the Navy in 2011, he maintains a small consulting firm and in 2017 he joined CFN Consultants where he provides advice on naval and maritime subjects.

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Course Name History of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN)
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  • Captain Norman Jolin

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