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Art of the 12th Century Renaissance
The 1100’s brought profound changes to European society; the tenets of the feudal system began to fade as a new class, the bourgeois, emerged in towns which themselves became major centers for commerce; pilgrimages, crusades and travelling merchants allowed for a more open and mobile society; struggles arose between church and nobles as powerful figures sought dominance; scholarly writings derived from Latin translations of Plato and Aristotle precipitated a marked change in the intellectual climate. Amidst these dynamic changes, and no doubt because of them, architecture gave birth to a new style – the Gothic. Cathedrals whose framework of stone now stood in stark contrast to the massive stone walls of the Romanesque; stain-glass windows replaced the frescoed murals as the dominant ecclesiastical art; sculpture originally part of exterior columns became animated and seemingly detached. Such was the energy and vitality of this era. Our focus is on the arts of this period with its inception in France and then subsequent effects on cathedrals in England, Germany, and Italy. Class Size: Max. 95

Instructor: Marylou Ouellette
BIO NOTE: Marylou holds a BA with an Art History major, a MA in Medieval Art with a minor in Islamic Art and an Honours BA in English.

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  • Marylou Ouellette

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