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Life in the 1850’s in Upper Canada: Walking Tour
After the Rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada in 1837, an English chap–Lord Durham–arrived in Canada to investigate the causes of the uprisings. While the violence associated with the rebellion was largely confined to York (Toronto) and Montreal, there was significant unrest in what is now Essex County. In part the unrest can be traced to many of the difficult living conditions faced by early 19th Century inhabitants of this region. After Lord Durham’s famous Report residents began the transition from Colony to the new Canada in 1867. In this course we will learn how people lived on their farms and in their villages and how that transition to Nationhood affected their lives. Come join us for the outdoor walking tour. Class Size: Max. 50

SPECIAL NOTE: Proof of being fully vaccinated and proof of ID is required to attend this course.

1. It is recommended to wear comfortable and weather appropriate footwear for this outdoor walking activity.
2. For the majority of this walk you will be using a paved pathway but a portion of the walk is on hard gravel.
3. There will be a refreshment break which is included in your entry fee.

Instructor: Chris Carter
BIO NOTE: Chris is an award-winning local historian who has studied and written extensively about the history of Essex County. He has authored more than a dozen books about local history and is a tour guide. Chris is also the President of H.E.I.R.S. Historical Society and on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village. He has presented frequently on historical topics for ElderCollege.

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Course Name Life in the 1850’s in Upper Canada: Walking Tour
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Total Hours 2
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  • Chris Carter

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Name of LocationCanadian Transportation Museum & Heritage Village
Address6155 Arner Townline, County Road 23, Essex, ON

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2021-10-22 10:00 AM 12:00 PM