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Closing The Door: Comparing Two Historic Occasions When the Border Closed
In this course we shall look backward and then forward as we review two occasions when the border between Windsor and Detroit closed. We shall compare the consequences of the border closure during the Detroit riot of 1967, with the most recent closure in 2020 due to covid. In both cases, the events were downplayed by the Americans, but the consequences were real and somewhat devastating. There are distinct similarities in how Canadians felt during those times, and their responses are significant. Close relationships were threatened, but Canadians helped where they could, and survived the ordeal in both cases. The bonds remain intact. Throughout both events, though, many Windsorites watched in disbelief, thankful that a river separates our two countries, and our psyche from the U.S. Class Size: Max 25

SPECIAL NOTE: Proof of being fully vaccinated and proof of ID is required to attend this course.

Instructor: Herb Colling
BIO NOTE: Herb is the author of four books on local history including Turning Points about the Detroit Riot from a Windsor perspective. A former broadcaster with the CBC, he has published articles for Ontario newspapers, two local magazines and was most recently editor of The Canadian Philatelist, a stamp magazine published by the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada.

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Course Name Closing The Door: Comparing Two Historic Occasions When the Border Closed
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  • Herb Colling

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Name of LocationCanterbury College
Address2500 University Avenue West, Windsor, ON

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2021-12-07 10:00 AM 12:00 PM