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Steel Beasts: A History of Armoured Warfare
The arrival of the tank on the battlefield not only drastically altered the ways in which wars were fought, but these iron monsters captured the fascination of the public like nothing before or since. The history of the tank is one of slow gestation, spectacular arrival, and its evolution into a potentially war-winning weapon - and then to the present day, where many questions the necessity or even the usefulness of the tank. All of this in just over a century of existence! The first part of this course will cover WWI and its aftermath, as the tank becomes part of military arsenals. Part two will cover WWII and the critical role tanks played in the conflict. The third and final part will cover post-WWII usage of these machines, and the 'state-of-the-art.'" Class Size: Max. 50

Instructor: Charles Bain
BIO NOTE: Charles, a frequent and valued ElderCollege presenter since 2014. He received his Master’s Degree in History from the U of W 2009, and his Bachelor’s in Education in 2013. Covering a wide range of historical topics, he is always eager to engage with ElderCollege participants. He believes strongly in the value of teaching history to enhance our understanding of the world and ourselves, and invites you to come to his courses, enjoy them, and to think as we all learn.

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Course Name Steel Beasts: A History of Armoured Warfare
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  • Charles Bain

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