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China’s History Provides Clues for Its Quick & Prominent Gobal Rise
China is going to be the largest economy in the world. In recent years it is upgrading industry with the aim to shift economy from basic consumer goods to high tech industries. Its endeavours cannot be taken lightly, since China is the home of some very important discoveries and inventions of mankind, paper, gunpowder, compass, printing, silk, tea and porcelain. Chinese civilization arose in valleys of Yellow River and Yangtze River with the early rice cultivation 8,000 years ago. People of Pre-historic China faced flooding of Yellow River, and continuous raids of tribes from Inner Asia. Chinese tackled these challenges by mobilizing masses in the form of gigantic civil engineering projects of building dikes to control mighty Yellow River and erecting Great Wall to stop incursion from the North. As one of the oldest living civilizations, one missionary student remarked, “China has the longest continuous history of any country in the world” with 3,500 years of written history. When history was started to be recorded during Shang Dynasty (1600 - 1046 BC) Chinese civilization was already old. In this course we will survey the history of China with emphasis on its technological advancement since ancient time. Class Size: Max. 50

1: Prehistory to Shang Dynasty (1046 BC)
2: Zhou Dynasty (1046 BC) to end of Sui Dynasty (618 AD)
3: Tang Dynasty (618 AD) to First Opium War (1842 AD)
4: Century of Humiliation (1842 – 1949) to present (2021). Rise of China an historical Perspective

Instructor: Farhat Sheikh
BIO NOTE: Farhat holds MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from California State. He is fond of traveling, hiking, climbing and book reading. History, archaeology and anthropology are his favorite subjects.

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Course Name China’s History Provides Clues for Its Quick & Prominent Gobal Rise
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  • Farhat Sheikh

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