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Canadian Disasters: Railways & Ships
In this history course we shall briefly visit some of Canada’s most notorious disasters along railways and our coasts, lakes and rive
Bob Mitchell, Gary MacLeod & Lloyd Brown-John 11-23-21 11-30-21 View Course
Closing The Door: Comparing Two Historic Occasions When the Border Closed
In this course we shall look backward and then forward as we review two occasions when the border between Windsor and Detroit closed.
Herb Colling 12-07-21 12-07-21 View Course
Life in the 1850’s in Upper Canada: Walking Tour
After the Rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada in 1837, an English chap–Lord Durham–arrived in Canada to investigate the causes of
Chris Carter 10-22-21 10-22-21 View Course
Microsoft: The Home Office
Many people are puzzled by what often appears to be the complexity of managing your computer. So, in an effort to help all of us unders
John Oberheuser 11-19-21 12-10-21 View Course
Wandering a Bit of England, Chiltern Hills and More
In this “somewhat” travel course we will wander some of England’s most enchanting countryside west of London. We shall visit Stra
Lloyd & Marilyn Brown-John 11-09-21 11-09-21 View Course
WSO: The State of the Symphony
Join Maestro Robert Franz as he shares “The State of the Symphony”. Maestro Franz is the Music Director for the Windsor Symphony Or
Robert Franz 10-26-21 10-26-21 View Course
Art of the 12th Century Renaissance
The 1100’s brought profound changes to European society; the tenets of the feudal system began to fade as a new class, the bourgeois
Marylou Ouellette 10-28-21 11-18-21 View Course
Battle of Gettysburg: Turning Point of the American Civil War?
This pivotal, three day, 1863 battle in southern Pennsylvania will be presented delineating its origin, execution and significance. Key
Ernest Pecaski 11-02-21 11-02-21 View Course
Black Gold our Petroleum History
Explore the rags to riches stories of the dreamers, scoundrels and innovators as they rushed to harvest and process Black Gold in the w
Christina Sydorko 11-16-21 11-16-21 View Course
Chair Yoga: An Introduction
Join us from the comfort of your own home for Chair Yoga. This type of yoga exercise involves breathing, stretching, and relaxation.
Susan Wiens 11-01-21 11-15-21 View Course
Communication Skills for Dementia
When a person develops dementia, their communication skills are affected in various ways. For care partners, including family and frie
Rosemary Fiss 11-24-21 11-24-21 View Course
Disabilities on TV: Fact and Fiction
This course will explore disability portrayals on television ranging from staples like Get Smart and Ironside to Legends and how Star T
Cameron Wells 12-02-21 12-09-21 View Course
Fire, Ice, and Water and the formation of Essex County
This course will begin long ago with the formation of the Canadian Shield and the long periods when this area was covered by the sea un
Alan Trenhaile 11-01-21 11-01-21 View Course
Floral England: Flowers, Gardens and even a Castle Ruin
In this course we shall enjoy a delightful visit to England’s world famous Chelsea Flower Show, the remarkable horticultural collecti
Lloyd & Marilyn Brown-John 12-01-21 12-01-21 View Course
Growing Up On Pelee
Join Southpoint Sun Editor Mark Ribble as he talks about growing up inside Point Pelee National Park. You will get to hear his recolle
Mark Ribble 10-21-21 10-21-21 View Course
Healthy Brains: Reducing Your Risk for Alzheimer's Disease
What’s good for your brain? Here is a course to help you to learn what steps you can take to improve your brain health and reduce you
Rosemary Fiss 11-10-21 11-17-21 View Course
History of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN)
History of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). The history of Canada’s naval forces mirrors Canadian history in that it reflects the resul
Captain Norman Jolin 11-18-21 11-25-21 View Course
Iran, History of Its Cultural Ascendency
Iran is a Civilizational State like China. As China influenced East Asia, so did Iran to West Asia. It was the home of first multinatio
Farhat Sheikh 12-01-21 12-08-21 View Course
Living on Earth as if We Want to Stay
With the human family pressing against planetary limits, perpetual growth is no longer a viable goal. This changing relationships with
Mike Nickerson 11-17-21 11-17-21 View Course
Memories of Merlin
This class is a presentation on the history of the small village of Merlin in Chatham-Kent. It was once a thriving community comprising
Julie Magerka 10-27-21 10-27-21 View Course
Neighbourhoods of Windsor, Exploring Hidden Gems
Over the past century and a quarter several border cities united into one municipality that today we call Windsor Ontario. The remnants
Frank Perissinotti 11-09-21 11-30-21 View Course
Rascals in the South Seas
The ‘South Seas’ is an exotic location viewed as an earthly ‘Garden of Eden’ ever since the first Europeans ‘discovered,’ e
Cris Kohl 11-12-21 11-12-21 View Course
Recycle: Why Should I?
Garbage doesn’t just disappear. It has to go somewhere. What you throw away is likely going to have some impact on the planet. How lo
Heather Taylor 11-29-21 11-29-21 View Course
Tales of Life & Living in Early Maidstone Township (1800-1920)
Kirk’s family was among the early pioneers who homesteaded in 1835 in what was later to be known as Maidstone Township. Those who re
Kirk Walstedt 11-03-21 11-03-21 View Course
The North Was Our Canaan: Film Analysis, Basics and Media Arts Basics
The North Was Our Canaan (2020) is a University of Windsor SSHRC funded award-winning short documentary. In the course you will watch
Anushray Singh 11-04-21 11-04-21 View Course
Why are Dolphins so Smart
Through history people have been fascinated with dolphins because of their apparent intelligence, curiosity, and social lives. Only in
Lori Marino 11-12-21 11-12-21 View Course
WW I: The World's Dark Age, 1914-1918 and Beyond
The First World War cut like a jagged scar across history, influencing everyone and everything that came after it – with repercussion
Charles Bain 11-06-21 11-27-21 View Course
WW 2: The Polish Fighters and People after the Conquest
Most people know that Poland was invaded by Germany and then Russia at the start of WW2. The story after that is not often told but thi
Gary Wells 11-02-21 11-02-21 View Course
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