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Course Name Instructor Campus Start End
Communication Strategies for Dementia and Responsive Behaviours Tara Seney & Theresa Stoesser 03-01-21 03-01-21 View Course
Creating Meaningful Visits for People Living with Dementia Tara Seney & Theresa Stoesser 03-08-21 03-08-21 View Course
Memory Tips & Tricks Tara Seney & Theresa Stoesser 03-15-21 03-15-21 View Course
American Civil War: The Situation, The People, The Events Ernest Pecaski 03-04-21 03-04-21 View Course
Computer Security: Protecting Yourself Against Cyber Criminals Saverio Rinaldi 03-29-21 03-29-21 View Course
Creating A Sacred Space: Healing Gardens Dan Bissonnette 03-11-21 03-18-21 View Course
Every Picture Tells a Story: Creating a Digital Photo Archive Carmen Starnichuk 03-03-21 03-03-21 View Course
Fashionable Rage of the late 1800’s – Japanisme Marylou Ouellette 03-25-21 03-25-21 View Course
Fearless Drawing: When You Think You Can’t Draw Sally LePla 03-02-21 03-16-21 View Course
Hard Road to Victory: The Chatham All-Stars Story Brock Greenhalgh 03-06-21 03-06-21 View Course
John Diefenbaker Hoisted on a Bomarc Pétard and Downed by An Arrow Lloyd Brown-John 03-09-21 03-09-21 View Course
Russia Then and Now Herb Colling 03-26-21 03-26-21 View Course
Steel Beasts: A History of Armoured Warfare Charles Bain 03-13-21 03-27-21 View Course
Submarines in the St. Lawrence Gary Wells 03-22-21 03-22-21 View Course
Up and Down the Panama Canal Without a Paddle Lloyd & Marilyn Brown-John 03-30-21 03-30-21 View Course
2nd Every Picture Tells a Story: Creating a Digital Photo Archive Carmen Starnichuk 03-05-21 03-05-21 View Course
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