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ElderCollege could not exist without money and donations-in-kind. Funding can come from several sources. We have developed a full-time office at Canterbury College responsible for all aspects of the ElderCollege program delivery including publications, advertising, course scheduling, liaison with the University of Windsor, liaison with Sponsors, finance and accounting, Course Registrations and much more.

Funding comes from various streams:

  • Course Fees- Any Person taking courses pays a Course Fee. Some courses have additional fees for supplies and materials, and everybody pays the HST!
  • Government Grants- We are consistently pursuing additional financial support by form of government grants. ElderCollege was made possible by a small "start-up" grant from the Provincial Minister for Seniors, as well as "Bridging Finance" for 3 years.
  • Sponsorships- Companies interested in supporting the ElderCollege concept, such as Retirement Centre management companies, will be invited to become durational lead sponsors (a duration is defined as three consecutive years). Sponsors may also donate in-kind including services, facilities and essential supplies (ex/ cookies/coffee/tea).
  • Donations- ElderCollege benefits greatly from individual donations, including Estate donations. Donations to ElderCollege will be administered in Trust by Canterbury College.

We rely on your support

ElderCollege could not exist without volunteers, donations, and in-kind support. Learn more about how you can help keep education moving forward.

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